Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell) Program

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Despite significant reduction in cardiovascular mortality and morbidity rates in the last decades, the health burden of cardiovascular diseases remains substantial. Prompting researchers to search for new therapeutic modalities.

Cellular Therapy, also called Regenerative Medicine, is currently the new frontier in this mission.

How stem cell therapies affect regeneration in cardiovascular medicine is not entirely clear, transdifferentiation, paracrine effects, fusion, immunomodulation, vasculogenesis and neoangiogenesis are all among the possibilities either alone, or in a synergistic mechanism.

Today, cell therapy research in cardiovascular medicine is very intense and exciting with a wide range of clinical areas of interest such as cardiomyopathy, acute coronary syndrome, refractory angina, electrophysiology application, congestive heart failure, and critical limb ischemia.

We hope that our patients and treating physicians can explore this exciting therapy through clinical trials as a potential avenue for a healthier heart.

Our current enrolling Regenerative Medicine Studies include: